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Thread: article: ISU leader bends rules on judging, officials say

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    article: ISU leader bends rules on judging, officials say

    <strong>Delegates may have thought their votes
    authorized study, not implementation</strong>

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>Transcripts obtained by The Globe and Mail show that delegates attending an ISU congress last June in Kyoto, Japan, may have believed they were voting only to approve a project to examine the possibilities of a new judging system and that there would be a vote on the proposal at the next congress, in 2004.

    But they were taken aback when they found out just before Christmas that Cinquanta's project had become rule 121 in the ISU's revamped general regulations.

    "This man is determined to push this forward, no matter what," said Donald McKnight, the head of the Australian Figure Skating Federation.


    A transcript of the discussion about the proposed system obtained by The Globe shows Cinquanta repeatedly saying that his judging system proposal is only a project, not a rule.

    The transcript shows that when McKnight tried to pose one of several questions, Cinquanta responded: "Excuse me, Mr. McKnight. No, now otherwise we never finish. We have other matters."

    Persistent McKnight then asked, "If we vote in support of this proposal, are we voting in support of the proposal as written [with subparagraphs that gave various authorities to the council] or are we voting in support of the general proposal to investigate a much more detailed and comprehensive judging system?"

    Cinquanta's reply was: "No. No. No. You are not voting for the proposal, word by word. You are voting in favour of the concept. . . . This I said many times. This is not a rule. Is a project. Is an itinerary. Nothing else. I do not know what you are thinking about."


    The transcript shows that Phyllis Howard, the president of the U.S. Figure Skating Association, also requested clarification on what the congress delegates were voting on. Cinquanta asked whether anyone else had questions.

    Sally Stapleford, who was the chairwoman of skating's technical committee at the time, told Cinquanta that her committee supported change and improvement of the sport and that his project would be "very beneficial to look into."

    But she said many shared the concerns of Howard, "that if we are voting on this, are we voting for all the paragraphs?" There is one paragraph that gives various authorizations to the council.

    "We definitely want research into this project," Stapleford said. ". . . But we don't necessarily agree with all the subparagraphs and explanations that are laid down on this paper."

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    Re: article: ISU leader bends rules on judging, officials sa

    See, I had thought the congress only voted to STUDY the new scoring system, not implement it. I thought there was some other vote I didn't know about when Seedy Speedy and gang revealed that the system is going to be official now. Turns out there isn't. The man is a scumbag fascist cheat. His death would bring me great joy. I mean it.

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    Re: article: ISU leader bends rules on judging, officials sa

    Cinquanta is viscious!!! a LIAR;

    I really think he must be removed or the USA and other countries of similar interests should withdraw from the ISU until he is replaced.


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    Jimmy Hoffa 2

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    Re: article: ISU leader bends rules on judging, officials sa

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>The man is a scumbag fascist cheat.[/quote]
    Speaking of fascists, I wouldn't be surprised if he is actually a relative of Mussolini.

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    Re: article: ISU leader bends rules on judging, officials sa

    Cinquanta sounds like the Mayor of BC regarding the 2010 Olympic bid - even if the majority of British Columbians votes "no" it's still going ahead.

    I hate these "martinet" types - they usually just ramrod their edicts down our throats.


    "Off With Their Heads!"

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    mayor of BC

    I have to respond Ladskater, sorry.

    BC does not have a mayor, BC has a premier.

    Sorry, had to correct you.


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    What to do about Speedy and the ISU

    I have said this many times in many places, but I will say it again. In the "Uncle Dick" thread on this board I outlined what can be done, but to re-cap:

    This mess is NEVER going to be cleaned up WITHOUT the help of the IOC! It does not take a rocket scientist to know that. Dr. Rogge has shown that he truly does want to clean up the messes...let's help him. How? I will answer that after a little bit of history here...

    First of all, everyone knows about the bidding scandal that took place for the 2002 games in Salt Lake, but did you know that Rep. Henry Waxman of California actually introduced legislation to render it illegal for ANY American entity (person, corporation, etc., etc.) to contribute to the IOC unless it enacted and enforced reforms? Well...lo and behold, the IOC did just that. Why? Contributions from American entities make up well over 50% of the IOC's income, and no matter what is going on, there is absolutely no way whatsoever that the IOC will ever do anything to lose the American cash cow. Because the IOC did indeed take this threatened loss of American monies seriosuly, they got the job done, and Rep. Waxman's proposed legislation never made it onto the Congressional floor for debate. Think about that!

    What reforms were enacted? The reforms enacted include: (1) a transparent bidding process for hosting the games (members of the IOC who are on the bid committee are prohibited from going to the host candidates prior to the bid being awarded is one element of the new process); (2) term limits for officers of the IOC (an officer is elected as such for an eight-year term renewable only once for an additional four years, making for a maximum of 12 years); and (3) mandatory retirement age for IOC members (those elected to the IOC in 1965 or before can still serve for life...there are only three people that meet this criteria and they are all old; those elected from 1966-1998 must retire at the age of 80...Speedy falls into this group so he will be around until 2018 if he lives that long or nothing happens to him; those elected in 1999 and thereafter must retire at the age of 70).

    Also, none of us foresaw the whole scene with the "mobster" that was arrested last July in Italy; he is now awaiting extradition to the US (he is appealing, but somehow I do not believe that appeal will be granted). Also add to the mix the fact that Worlds is going to be in Washington DC at the end of March. It would not surprise me in the least if the extradition, trial and Worlds all coincided time-wise to allow for the court to subpoena the foreign ISU powers-that-be (cannot help but wonder which ones will be conspicuously staying at home) sure would be quite interesting to hear what any of them would say when under oath. That in itself will make quite a sideshow.:rollin: :rollin:

    I also highly doubt that the IOC really believes that the new scoring system is going to address the ethics issues. Also, nowhere in the IOC Charter or the ISU Rules is there any provision for ethical standards for officials, let alone consequences for their infraction. That omission from the IOC Charter is something the IOC can remedy at their 115th Session coming up July 2-7 in Prague. Also, in all fairness to the IOC, by the time the 115th Session takes place, everyone will have seen how the new scoring system really worked (as we all know, it does not solve anything), the "mobster" trial will no doubt have taken place (complete with verdict and sentence), and thus the IOC would be in a better position to demand of all sports federations that ethical standards be enacted and enforced as a prerequisite to continued Olympic eligibility, the same way the IOC dealt with the doping issues a la WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). By taking this approach, the ISU cannot complain that it is being singled out.

    What to do? The petition idea is good, but a personal letter to Dr. Rogge and the IOC would be more effective. Right now things are so bad that we have absolutely nothing to lose by doing such a thing. There are 968 of us that are members of this board and if every one of us did write a letter so that it arrived before the 115th Session flooding the IOC mailbox and fax machine, that would be very effective. Unfortunately, I do not have an e-mail address for Dr. Rogge, but snail-mail and the fax will get the job done. That information is on the Olympic website. Also copy your letter to the various commercial sponsors...those will vary from country to country but in the US I do know that Visa, McDonalds and CocaCola are three of the largest.

    I apologize for the length of this post, but feel strongly that this is important and that we can do more than we think to make a difference.

    Also, before any of the "naysayers" out there ridicule this idea, I challenge them to come up with a better one that will effectively solve this problem.

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    Wonderful post Emilieanne!

    You give me some hope! I will join in the writing campaign. The IOC will not be able to ignore sackfulls of mail hogging space in their mailroom! I will go and see if I can find a more direct snail mail but in the mean time I do have a general snail mail address for the International Olympic Committe. A suggestion for those who do not feel capable of a long letter - why not just a postcard asking Rogge to help clean up skating? Briefly state that the scoring system is fine - it is the ethics of some officials and judges who are defective. Anonymity makes it easier to cheat. Transparency is vital as is a code of ethics with punishments that properly fit the crimes.

    snail mail from contact page here, it also lists all the IOC Executive Board Members:

    Executive Board
    Château de Vidy
    1007 Lausanne

    (41.21) 621 61 11

    (41.21) 621 62 16

    IOC Email Form - if you want to duplicate your letter you can send it in here:

    ISU & Member Nations Snail Mail all here:

    National Olympic Committees - look up the snail mail of yours here:

    Top IOC Sponsors Page w/website link info:

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    Re: Wonderful post Emilieanne!

    Beverly Smith must have some power in the Globe and Mail. I thought skating was so low on the sport radar in the Globe & Mail corporation. It is nice to see a conservative newspaper going out of it way to obtain information from a very secretive organization like the ISU. Imagine if she got some more information. And now they federations are talking to her ..the federations of all people in the ISU are talking against Speedy.

    Love that part...obtain transcripts....

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    Beverly Smith is one of the few sportswriters

    to cover the SLC scandal and ensuing scoring system mess regularly and thank goodness she has done such a great job! Considering she has a few skating books under her belt I wonder if she might do one on everything that has been happening from Gailhaguet & Le Gougne to Little Taiwanese to Dictator Ottavio $peedy Cinquanta! SkateGods know those involved in these shenigians deserve to be publically exposed at the very least!!!

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