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Thread: Skating Rivalries

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    Skating Rivalries

    There was a program on tonight on TSN called Figure Skating Rivalries. It recaped the 2005 Canadians and featured Jeff, Emanual and Joannie and Cynthia. It was a great program.

    Watching Jeff's program again was a real treat. He is just amazing. He said that he improvised the ending of his program on the spot and it ended up being right on the beat of the music!! Wow! Another Kurt!!!

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    Interesting that you said "another Kurt". I wonder if Kurt sees a lot of himself in Jeff. I've read a lot of articles recently that quoted Kurt gushing about Jeff.

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    This is the second time I've seen this program and I really enjoyed it. Canadians, rather than worlds was the highlight event this year for me in mens and ladies competition. I was interested to hear that Phaneuf said the GPF, where she imploded, was the first time she felt fear and as a consequence she had no control over her skating. Gives me hope she will be coming back stronger than ever once she addresses the mental side of things. Also having gone through puberty couldn't have been easy - she is quite noticeably taller etc. Joannie's skate was as fantastic as I remember it, and Jeff's, better. I don't know about Kurt Browning, but I sure see a lot of Browning in Buttle. Have from the first time I saw him - and that's a real compliment in my book. I consider Kurt Browning the best male skater ever, just edging out the likes of Kulik (have you seen his pro stuff? It's great) and Yagudin.

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    In an interview a month or so Kurt actually said that Jeff reminds him of a young him (Kurt).

    But yeah, Jeff and Joannie's Canadians LPs were definitely the highlights of the season for me.

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