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    Doggy Pics...

    Well, now that FS season and Illinois winter is coming to a close, time to start focusing on the dogs again!!

    Some of you might recall my posting in the fall about losing my Greyhound to an accident where I was to blame. The previous dogs I've lost have been to older age related illness problems, so losing Cain that way still preys on my mind. I don't know what it's gonna take for me to get over it.

    But mean time, Doggy Hubby got his mind set on another German Shepherd. For the first time in my life, I wasn't really interested in adding another dog quite yet. But he wore me down, and in late January Ferguson joined us at 8 weeks old.

    He turned 4 months old today. He has been a complete treasure as a puppy. Knock on wood cuz he's still young, but he slept through the night by his third night here, has been EASY to potty train, no problems with chewing, and I include human hands in that, etc. etc. Even the Beagle tolerates him, and Buck the Beagle has LESS than zero tolerance for puppies as a general rule.

    Here's the link to what "mommy" thinks is the cutest German Shepherd picture ever!!


    Now we're starting to think about training for the upcoming season.....

    Thanks in advance for letting me share these mommy brag pics!


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    Oh, wow, that's terrific, Doggygirl. OK everybody, have you checked out the second picture of Ferguson? All together now...AAAAAWWWWWWW!!!!!

    Now I have a couple of questions about Kimba. First, what does "Youth siegerin" mean. Now I see that Kimba won an SG-1 in the North American chapionships last year, as well as a VP-1 in the senior pup female category at the Canadian Championships. What are these abbreviations? I assume the "1" means she won. Does this mean that she is the best German shepherd in North America? Will we be seeing her in the Westminster show next year?

    That is so sad about losing Cain. I lost my dog, too, in a way that, in retrospect, I could have prevented. His name was Montgomery of Rosedale. That was cool because Rosedale was the name of the kennel, but coincidentally the neighborhood where we live is called North Rosedale Park. (It's within the city of Detroit, but still, we get to look down our noses at the commoners in South Rosedale Park, on the other side of Five Mile Road, LOL.) He was a wire-hair fox terrier. We had gone to the dog show and fallen in love with his father (Elliotpf Rosedale), so we signed up for one of his puppies. When we went to the breeder's to pick him out, we chose him because he was so much more rambunctious than his sisters.

    Little did we know, LOL. Over the next year or so we would try to get advice from dog people about, why does this dog act so crazy? But the only answer we ever got was, well, he is a terrier.

    He turned out to be too tall to meet the standards of the breed. We probably wouldn't have shown him anyway, since I could easily see how that would turn into a full-time job.


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