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Thread: E-Mail Question

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    E-Mail Question

    I have been getting some emails sent directly to my bulk inbox lately and they are all the same - it says from "Somebody's Name" whom I've never heard of and than the subject line will read for example "re[19]" or some variation of that with a different number. Now my old email provider had a button where I could preview what was in the email message without actually opening it. But with Yahoo, I don't think there's an option like that. Should I just keep deleting this like I have been or is there some way I could see what it is without actually opening it and possibly giving away my email address or infecting my computer.


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    I would just delete it. I can't preview my emails in Lycos, either, but if it's got "re:" and you never sent a message with the subject, then don't sweat it.

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