"WHERE'S THE BEEF:@ Other skaters have endorsements with companies that make blades or boots or skating outfits. Sasha Cohen sells beef.
Cohen just wrapped up a two-year endorsement deal with the National Cattlemen's Beef Association. In addition to making appearances and doing ads, she helped out on the "BurgerTown" web site, which is sponsored in part by the group.

Aimed toward kids, the Web site provided recipes, nutritional facts and motivational information for teenage girls.

"There's definitely that image (in skating) to look good in tights and dresses. But we work more with girls as a whole in any field," Cohen said. "Just to help them at a younger age, between 12 and 15, to help establish better eating habits for the rest of their lives."

Oh, and for the record, Cohen prefers filets to burgers."

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