I have an NTCS VHS in SP mode of the 1992 US Nationals Ladies Long
Program & Gala and the 1992 European Championships; two hours. Please
e-mail me an offer!

1992 Nationals begins with the Ladies Long program. This includes
Tonya Harding, Nancy Kerrigan, and Kristi Yamaguchi. Plus, Tonia
Kwiatkowski, Lisa Ervin, and Tisha Walker (there is a short glitch
during her program). This is complete with inerviews, marks, and
commercials. After the LLP, I included Kristi's Short to "Blue
Danube", clips of Tonya and Nancy during their SPs, commentator chat
about the ladies, and practise clips of the top three. Then I added
the opening fluff piece from the beginning of the LLP which includes
Bette Midler singing "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" with pretty
shots of the top three ladies skating. I'm sorry this is out of
order. Then it's the complete Gala with performances by the
medalists. Kristi skates to "The Glory of Love", really beautiful.
The gala, I have found, is hard to find! Last on the tape is the 1992
European broadcast by NBC and it serves as an Olympic preview with an
interview with Chris Bowman and a fluff piece on Eldgredge's and
Browning's back injuries (there is a glitch during this piece). The
Euros include the Ladies (Surya & interview/fluff) and Pairs
(Mishkutenuk/Dmitriev "Lieberstrom"), but cuts off in the middle of
Oksana Grishuk/Evgeny Platov's Free Dance and no men.

The quality of the LLP and Gala is practically perfect, really
beautiful. The LSP is darker and a little fuzzier (due to TV
reception). The Euros doesn't have as good a TV reception as the LLP,
but still quite enjoyable and really good. I own the originals of all
of this so this is a second gen. tape.

My e-mail: gigi_john316@yahoo.com