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Thread: Marshall's on TV

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    Kareliz, I did notice and I thought they were as high as Irinas. That was nice to see. I am surprised no one mentioned it, too busy worrying about her lack of 3/3s however no other skater did one either. Go Figure.

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    Kareliz and Cianni - Yes, the jumps are good shape. I first noticed them in Dortmund LP (the less said about the QR the better). Unfortunately, in Dortmund they were hidden by Tosca (such dark music) and in Moscow they were hidden by Bolero (such monotonous music). Rafael has done a remarkable job not only with the jumps but with the spins as well. And Morosov continues to give her first rate footwork.

    What she needs other than the 3x3s is a choreographer with upbeat but dramatic music (not dark and monotonous).


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    Quote Originally Posted by kareliz
    ....And since everyone knows that Rgirl is about the smartest person on this board (no offense other smart people), if she says she "just knows" Michelle is going to win OG, then that is that. It just makes me feel great every time I read your posts that say that, Rgirl. It's easy to figure out why she can't and won't, but so nice just to believe that she will.
    Aw, Kareliz. Not only is that an awfully nice thing to say but I'm also glad that it makes you feel good to know that there are people who believe Michelle will win the OGM--and I certainly do.

    But I must take issue with you re "...Rgirl is about the smartest person on this board" because I know from many subjective and objective personal experiences that there are people on this board who are smarter than I am in terms of light years, so much so that they rarely post on the board because they are busy solving the mysteries of life. Still, I walked up to everybody I saw that day and, whether I knew them or not, said, "Kareliz thinks I'm one of the smartest on Golden Skate!"


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