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Thread: My Latest Programs: Pairs

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    My Latest Programs: Pairs

    Here's some various pairs programs I've come up with in the past season. Enjoy!

    This one was just written a half hour ago.

    Les Choristes, Vois Sur Ton Chemain, & Sous La Pluie from Les Choristes (The Chorus, Look To Your Path (can't translate the other) from The Chorus)

    Costumes: Lady in gold sparkly dress, Man all in black

    Lady skates out alone and does spiral sequence during the first part of Les Choristes before the choir starts. Man comes out and imitates her moves when the choir starts. Lady does a layback during the solo and exits afterwards. Man goes to her and they do a pairs spiral. After the spiral they do a triple twist lift. They do a backward inside death spiral, exit and Man dips her on "chemain."

    As Vois Sur Ton Chemain begins, they dance across the ice, she is occasionally lifted into the air a little, but no real pairs lifts. Finally she is in a press lift, they dance some more after exiting. The song is now on the second verse. They take turns dipping each other, while doing various steps in circular footwork. They do a lasso lift (not forward) on the second part of the verse. They do a pairs camel, then she does sit, he does camel, they reverse positiions, one-foot spins facing each other, legs intertwined, holding hands together in a Y shape as they spin. They exit and she pulls away, he pulls her back, he pulls away, she pulls back, etc. On 1:15 of the song, they do the same type of footwork as before, only more short lifts this time, and on the bridge they do a death spiral, this time forward inside edge. After the final verse begins, they still do the death spiral, and exit on the second line. They do a throw 3 toe, Lady holds the edge and Man skates to her and kneels. They do a star lift on the repeated line "son coeur." They end the piece in a Cutting Edge-like pose. As Sous La Pluie begins, they skate into more dance steps, and Man dips Lady as before. As the choir sings they do a pairs spiral once again, and Man lets Lady go ahead of him to end the program.

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    Great program! I liked your ideas for the pairs spin. I loved The Chorus and all the music from it (although those child actors in the movie were definitely lip synching, and no way he could get delinquent orphans to sing that well!).

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    Nice program. I have a similar progam in mind for "Only Time" by Enia. I would love Jamie and David to skate to it. The program would start off with the two skaters facing one another at opposite corners and then skating slowly towards one another, eventually meeting in the middle. He would then lift her up in a pairs lift and then they would skate together mirroring one another in various pair moves. For the ending, they would skate apart once more back to where they started.

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