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Thread: AI - Scott should have gone not Anwar

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    Exclamation AI - Scott should have gone not Anwar

    I can't believe Scott's luck. I was hoping he was going to get the giant hook, but instead it was Anwar's turn. I thought Anwar did a better job of the Disco genre than Scott. At least Anwar has some rhythm and can sing. Scott just stands there and waves his hands (drives me nuts). The guy has no stage presence. When is America going to vote Scott off? Please!!!!!!!!!!

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    Just want to say that I feel your pain Ladskater!
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    Get the rotten tomatoes ready, folks.

    I REALLY liked Anwar when he first made the final 12. But every week I kept waiting for him to sing up to the level I'd heard in him during the pre-final-12 trials. I just kept blowing it. Oversinging; undersinging; no feeling; all feeling no pitch; or just all over the place. I finally got to the point where I'd say to myself, Anwar, you're a babe and a half, you've got the greatest teeth I've seen in a long time; I love the tone of Anwar's voice; and every once in a while he'd sing a phrase that would make me doe something I can't write on this board.

    But he never hit one out of the park. He never even hit a double. He consistently sang so far below his potential that I think the fans of contestants who, even if you can't stand them, managed to develop a serious fan base ultimately outvoted Anwar's fans.

    I agree it's a shame because I thought Anwar had amazing potential, and those moments when he was on, like I said, he got me in a way I can't write about here. So my hope is that Anwar takes himself to the right vocal teacher and makes the most of his AI TV and tour experience. At least we know he'll be passing his experiences on to others as a teacher, for which he gets major kudos from me.

    Although I still want Anwar to make the most of himself and of his first amazing CD.

    Finally, hate him though I know you must--meaning sometimes there's just something about a singer you can't help but hate--Scott gets to a lot of people. And pitch problems aside, which they all have, his heart beats through his chest when his sings. However, he's now in the AI Bermuda Triangle, which means that unless he digs down and has a killer performance, he'll be gone soon.



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    I bought the newly released AI CD single which features three songs. Anwar's voice sounds amazing and I kept wishing he could have sung like that during the competition.............42

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    ITA, Anwar definitely blew his chance by just not flat singing like he did in the beginning... it was frustrating to watch week after week...

    Scott should have been gone at LEAST two weeks ago, though, so ITA anyone who loses before Scott is being robbed

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