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Thread: Springtime Skating

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    We are think of you and wishing you well with both your show and competition!


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    Sorry to not have posted, but I've gone from full time to consulting, back to full time work again in the past two months.

    Had my home rink competition (ISI) this past weekend, skating footwork, artistic, two solo ice dances and interpretive. I'm proud to say it was my best comp ever. I skated relaxed and confident, and the work I've done in ice dance and on my basic skating really shined through according to my coach. For the first time, I placed first over my usual younger competitor (a dear friend) in a serious program, namely footwork. It was a milestone for me--it wasn't so much the placement, just the fact that I managed to skate so well to finally achieve the placement. I finally seem to have gotten over my intense competition nerves, and my edging, speed and flow are light years beyond what they were last fall. Bring on the Halloween Classic n October!!!!

    icy_ fresh: How did your exhibition go?:

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    Yazmeen, congrats on your competition!
    Hey all! Thanks for all of the interest. The exhibition is on Friday and my competition got cancelled. It's the second one this season that has gotten cancelled on me. Last time, it was at the end of April. So I'm upset, but at least it will give me more time to work on my program.

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