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Thread: Movie Experiences I Hate

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    Thumbs down Movie Experiences I Hate

    Lately I have noticed while at the theatre people seem to forget their manners and think they are at home watching their VCR or DVD. Here are my three pet peeves while at a movie theatre:

    1. Seat Kickers (both children and adults)

    2. People who talk constantly or make noises

    3. People who actually answer their cell phones and talk while the movie is

    I must say people are rude these days. They must think they are at home. I also notice people rest their feet on the backs of the theatre chairs. Things have sure changed over the years - even the movie theatre experience.

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    I really hate seeing people bring small children to movies that are clearly adult in nature. I feel bad for the kids, but I feel worse for the rest of the audience, who has to hear a child babble/scream/cry. If you can't afford a babysitter, go see a kids' movie!

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    I'll admit to putting my feet on the seat in front of me, but only if no one is sitting in it.

    My worst movie experience was going to see a horrible movie - can't remember the name of it right now. My cousins dragged me out to see it. The theater was crowded. 2 girls sat next to me and called someone else in the room to find out where they were sitting. They talked the entire time they sat there and through the previews - annoying, but oh well. Then, they didn't stop talking when the movie started. Arghhh!! I have a high patience tolerance, but then the movie was turning out to be reallly dull and boring for me and the woman talking towards me had really BAD breath. I leaned forward to look right at them and they paused - I saw one of my cousins lean back in his chair just as I did. Then, they started talking AGAIN!! I finally interuppted them and said 'Excuse me, but you're talking much too loudly'. That stopped them, but I still couldn't enjoy the movie. I would've walked out, but I didn't have my car to drive myself home.

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    I hate when the theater is fairly empty, but complete strangers feel the need to sit right next to you! I can understand it if it's crowded, but when it's not, it's weird.

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