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Thread: AI Reveal Show (5/12)---did anybody else see this?!?!

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    AI Reveal Show (5/12)---did anybody else see this?!?!

    If you have yet to see the vote-off show for American Idol on Wed, 12 May, don't scroll down; I'm posting a spoiler!!

    OK, so America voted off Anthony Fedorov, proving at least to me that the large majority of the viewers at home are tone-deaf (*grumble, grumble*), but did anybody notice Carrie's reaction when they were playing Anthony's "look at how far you've come" blurb on the monitor?

    The camera kept cutting back to her face and the girl was just crying buckets through the whole thing. And, later on in the show, when Anthony was singing his final song and turned towards the remaining contestants, there was a shot of Carrie on the monitor clearly mouthing the words "I love you"

    Now, this is sheer and utter juvenile speculation on my part, but does anyone else think that Carrie and Anthony might possibly have had a relationship going? There's only a two year age difference between them (unlike Clay and Karmen from Season 2, which was kinda creepy IMO).

    Anybody else see this, or is this just my mind wandering?

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    I don't know if Carrie and Anthony have anything like that going, but I do know he said he had a girlfriend named, Irina. Either Carrie is a very sappy person or.....???

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    Anthony already has a girlfriend. But yeh I agree it was kinda suspicious. Here's a pic of her:

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    Color me one who thinks Carrie was being sappy, and the producers, sensing their gain, kept telling the cameramen, Look, pan to Carrie, she's showing EMOTION!!!

    I am sure the final four, final three, have gotten quite close as friends at this point. Carrie and Anthony both seem like nice enough kids. It is probably more of a Friend-ly "I love you".

    And Anthony's girlfriend is a cutie!

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    All of the contestants spend so much time together. It's not surprising that they would become emotional at this point - even if it's nothing romantic.

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    I agree, heyang.........they're probably, at this point, like brothers and sisters......or maybe distant cousins ( ). Just kidding. I thought it was kind of sweet.........42

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