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Thread: Discussion - Is Sasha's Skating Brittle or Fragile?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyla2
    Yes, it was in response to Lavender and anyone else who refuses to acknowledge the essential beauty of Sasha's skating. You would have to be blind not to see it, or disingenuous. Take your pick. I didn't say Sasha was a perfect skater, but she IS a beautiful skater, and it is out there for everyone to see, period. It can't be argued to the contrary and be taken seriously. If there were all these other people out there who can deliver as awesomely a beautiful performance (yes, flawed but still beautiful) as Sasha can, I would love to know their names. You know Nymkf51, I really like the adult tone of people like Joesitz and RealtorGal who can appreciate all the skaters. That's why I post here. The joy of this site is that you can be, first, a Michelle fan and still acknowledge the very real qualities of the other skaters. Such as Irina's real courage in upping the ante while dealing with her own illness and her mother's illness. These things can't be denied no matter how much some people would like to do that. It is very refreshing that there is a place where things like this can be said and you won't have a 20 people telling you that your crazy. Only one or two.
    Kyla, while I do see your point on several fronts, you cannot argue with the fact that there ARE people who just don't like Sasha's skating...

    For me, I don't see the qualities in her skating that you see... In my honest opinion, her skating is a bunch of gumby moves on ice to boring music. But that doesn't make me unaware or disingenuous of what others see... it just means that I'm not a fan.

    And this is a great site with adult opinions about a complex & artistic sport, but art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder...

    Its no secret that I'm an uber kwan fan... more importantly, i'm proud of that fact, but there are other skaters out there that I feel are her equal & when she slips (and sometimes when she doesn't...) she loses & people here discuss that & sometimes its hard to read & stomach but too bad for me if I get upset about it... But at the same time, it doesn't keep me from appreciating the efforts of Irina & Fumie & Diva (who is probably the most beautiful... if just for the Ina...) & even Sasha...

    However, this is a sport. And in my opinion, when a skater spends a lot of time on their heiny, that is not beautiful. That is a waste of talent. Period.

    I'm not going to get into the whole "name other skaters who deliver beautiful skates" because that's silly. I will say that its not crazy to think she's a beautiful skater but it is crazy to feel offended if others don't share your opinion.

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