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Thread: Does anyone have Johnny Weir's interview with Scene Magazine?

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    Thumbs up Does anyone have Johnny Weir's interview with Scene Magazine?

    Hey everyone.....does anyone happen to know where I can find the interview Johnny Weir did with Scene Magazine?

    I'd appreciate any help in getting this.


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    Are you sure that he actually did the interview? As far as I can tell it is not mentioned on the cover of the first issue, and there seems to be no mention of Weir on the magazine's web site. (You can buy one on ebay for $4.25.)

    I see that this venture has been launched by Mark Lund and Lois Elfman, late the publishers of International Figure Skating.

    (There. If you are Mark Lund and you posted here to get publicity for the magazine, it worked, LOL.)


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    In the last issue of IFS, there was a substantial read on Evan Lysacek. Worth a look at.


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    Here's what it said:

    "An ice storm blanketing the city of Portland, Oregon did not dissuade skating fans determined to see the senior men’s free skate at the 2005 U.S. Figure Skating Championships. The defending champion, Johnny Weir, made their efforts worthwhile—delivering a nearly flawless performance to the music Otonal by Raul DiBlasio. “I was really nervous going into the competition because it’s hard going as defending champion and having everyone look to you to win again,” said Weir, 20. He skated tentatively in the short program, placing second behind 2001 U.S. Champion and 2002 Olympic bronze medalist Timothy Goebel. But it was Goebel’s turn to be tentative in the free skate, where he two-footed one of his trademark quadruple jumps. The free skate was Weir’s showplace, as he continued to prove how last year’s victory transformed him as a competitor. He received five 6.0s for presentation. “I’m very comfortable with the person I am and the work that I do. That helps me to be confident,” he said. Performance quality is of the utmost importance to Weir. “I see myself as an artist, even away from the ice,” he noted. “It’s the way I go through things. How I choose to decorate my room. What I choose to wear. “I’m not trying to be this outlaw and someone who kind of marches to his own drummer, but I’ve always been brought up to believe in my own thoughts and what I want. What I want is generally more artistic things that I see in kind of a different light than everyone else.” Next up are the World Figure Skating Championships in Moscow. But he can reflect on one icy afternoon in January, when the world looked pretty bright. “At the end I was so pleased with how I skated,” he said. “It wasn’t the best that I skated all year and it’s not the best that I will skate. Hopefully, Worlds will go much better. But in that moment and at that time I felt amazing. I was thrilled and elated and anything else good I could say about it.”

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