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Thread: US Wants to bring back grace into fs

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    US Wants to bring back grace into fs

    Check out the article from the Denver post on the Home Page of Golden Skate.

    It's apparent that there has been a lot of bickering back at the ranch. Three gold medals for the Russians and what can the US do about it? We know Bush or any other President would never submit a bill to subsidize figure skating so the USFSA will try to do what the government can not do.

    Also check out those statistics on the popularity of figure skating (going downhill).


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    Thanks for pointing out this article...

    Sounds like the USFSA needs to do some serious re-evaluation of what it's doing. I was glad to hear that participation in figure skating at the beginner levels has not dropped off (even though TV viewership has). That suggests there is a healthy talent pool out there that can be developed.

    This is not the first article I've read that sort of suggests the voluntary nature of the USFSA board is somehow an inherent problem. There are many well run not for profit organizations out there with all volunteer boards. It's a matter of getting the right people involved with the right mix of experience. I hope the USFSA leadership and membership steps up and starts thinking about the big picture rather than smaller personal agendas.

    Many of the best coaches in the world train in the USA. Many of the best individual and pairs/dance teams from other countries live here and train here. So I don't think access to excellent coaches is a problem. Something else is the problem.


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    re: USFS wants to be back grace to Figure Skating...

    The projected dwindling future revenues at HQ in Colorado Springs and how to mitigate this fact is the single most important issue to be faced by USFS leadership.

    Good Marketing and Promotional decisions are rarely the product of volunteer leaders. The Executive Director and a Strong Marketing Executive both salaried and with strong contractual and PR credentials should be hired to plan and execute a sound plan for the long term.... not short term.

    I believe that this is what Chuck Foster was in the process of attempting before running into obstacle after obstacle from the volunteer officers and staff more concerned with their own agendas.

    Unfortunately I forsee no change under President Hershberger. I sincerely hope he proves me wrong. But how many times previously have we seen personal agendas drive decision making in all areas of governance. What may ultimately transpire is for the USOC to mandate a complete restructuring of USFS governance.

    The other area that needs immediate attention is two-fold... broadening USFS support of club level activities especially in the marketing and promotional areas. In return for this, USFS must demand that local clubs become more involved in understanding and participating in national governance issues that ultimately impact all levels of the sport.

    While I hope for the best... I don't hold much confidence that the best will occur.


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