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Thread: Daytime Emmys Thread (Spoilers Here!)

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    Daytime Emmys Thread (Spoilers Here!)

    First off, YAY to Natalia Livingston, Erika Slezak (WOW she has SIX Emmys now!), and Eden Reigel who all did outstanding work this year. That was very cool. I can't comment about the other actors very much (I don't really know their work at all) except to say that David Lago needs to brush his hair (and WTH was with is random speech?!) and Christian Leblanc seemed to not totally be there in his speech either. Just my opinion though. The tribute to Bill Bell was nice to see because he really did contribute a lot to the daytime community over the years.

    That all said, WTH was with them cutting off that poor executive producer from GH before she even got out one thank you to anyone after they won the biggest award of the night!?? Its not like awards shows don't go a little overtime when they are live but it wasn't even 11 PM here yet when they did that to her! I thought that was SO rude.

    David Canary popping out of a trash can alongside Oscar the Grouch was SOOOO funny! He's so proper and dignified that it really cracked me up to see that.

    Anyone else watch this tonight?!?!

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    You forgot the Standing O for Scott Hamilton, KwanFan. That really was cool and you could tell that it was a heartfelt reception.

    Kudos to Ellen; and shame on NBC for already committing hiring Conan as Jay Leno's replacement. Whatever Johnny Carson had that made him great in his job, Ellen has that same corresoponding gene. It's hard work making it look that easy. I say Ellen for "Tonight"

    I loved that Erica Slezak won. I also loved that 3 of the nominees (Zimmer, Flannery, and Slezek) are well over 50 and fabulous. I think Slezak is TV's Meryl Streep. I consistantly marvels how she keeps a character that's been so long running so vital and interesting without ever abandoning that sense that she's always guided by a higher moral purpose. Truely a treasure.

    Way to go Merideth V, for winning the Outstanding Game Show Host. Her spirit is infectious. I think it's so much of her personality that keeps WWTBAM fresh.

    I totally agree about cutting the Producer of GH off. They certainly knew how long it takes to give out an award, especially the "prestige award" of the night. Why couldn't they have shorten the last set of commercials? Oh no, I'm sorry, that would be a desicration of all that's holy in TV. :sheesh:
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    Go Ellen! She and Portia looked great and Ellen was so happy to win. She was a guest on Letterman Thursday night, and she was so funny with him talking about the new llama farm she bought. Conan can have that NBC job because Ellen will be making more money with her syndicated daytime deal, and she will not have to sell out to NBC and do their material. One of the reasons she won is that she does standup at the beginning of each show based on everyday themes rather than riffing on current events like most other talk show hosts.

    Go Meredith! Is this the first time a woman has won for game show host? I agree with you sk8m8 that she has a great spirit. She has been through so much with her husband's illness. I think she is so funny on the View and she looks great. Great that she has already won 6 Emmys for her work in journalism.

    Go Martha! Martha was looking years younger and much thinner in the audience. not sure how she managed to submit an episode within the eligibility period to get a nomination with all her legal problems last year. She will probably be nominated for her new talk show next year.

    Go Tyra! Best dressed working the ostrich feathers and Ava Gardner hair.

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