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Thread: Figure Skating Photography

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    Figure Skating Photography

    Just thought I'd share all the websites I have saved that have wonderful photos... you guys must have seen many of these already, but still, just in case.... and also, I have posted this on <a href="" target="top"></a>, <a href="" target="top">MKF</a> and <a href="" target="top">Figure Skating Lovers</a>, so if you read this post already... umm, yes, I am posting this EVERYWHERE. HEHHE. I worked on this post, I feel so proud, hahaha... :lol:

    My FAVORITE sites are marked with this smilie! I also wanted to post my favorite pics from each site, but that would take even longer, so never mind

    -<a href="" target="top">Manuella Federella's Online Photographic Gallery</a> Okay, so this dude takes AMAZING photos. Once you enter the site, it'll take you to a gallery which starts with pictures of Fusar-Poli & Margaglio, but if you look towards the bottom of the page there is a link entitled:<a href="" target="top">Old Photo Gallery: Moments from the 1999-2000 Skating Season</a> ... and that takes you to some amazing photos as well. This guy just captures the light so well! And there are lots of black and white photos, which I also love! There weren't many photos of my favorite skaters, but I enjoyed looking through those photos anyway because he is such a great photographer.

    -<a href="" target="top">Beni</a>many photots taken from competitions mostly in Japan, like NHK Trophy, Japanese Nationals, etc.

    -<a href="" target="top">Tracy Marks</a>mostly photos from professional shows, such as SOI

    -<a href="" target="top">Amy Salamey</a>nice variety of photos here

    -<a href="" target="top">Andrea Chempinski</a>photos from both competitions AND shows/tours!

    - <a href="" target="top">Jay Adeff</a>good photographer AND this guy donates money to skaters in need!

    -<a href="" target="top">Leah Adams</a>now i'm sure you all have heard of HER!

    -<a href="" target="top">Paul and Michelle Harvath</a>If you recognize their names... yep, I think they are the ones that take most of those photos the USFSA posts on their website after competitions

    - <a href="" target="top">Kathy Goedeken Skating Photography</a>now i'm sure you've all heard of her, too!

    -<a href="" target="top">Photography by Ann Jensen</a>nice variety here too

    -<a href="" target="top">Michelle Wojdyla</a>WONDERFUL photos! a lot of you probably have seen many of her photos...

    -<a href="" target="top">J. Barry Mittan</a>He's got skater profiles on his site, too. Also made a figure skating calendar...

    -<a href="" target="top">Beth Hamill</a>mostly photos of ice dancers, mainly Anissina and Peizerat I think

    -<a href="" target="top">ISIO Photo Gallery</a>I really have no idea where I got this, LOL... lots of old, old pictures, including pros.

    -<a href="" target="top">David Castets</a>don't you just love that picture on the front page? Absolutely beautiful! Nicely designed site, too.

    -<a href="" target="top">A Skating Gallery by Sandrine Bonzi</a>I LOVE this photographer's pictures, and it's a very cute site, too!

    -<a href="" target="top">Michael Bernadsky</a>A lot of off-ice photos! Look through everything carefully or you'll miss something good!!!

    -<a href="" target="top">2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics</a>And last but not least, a TON of Olympics photos! You gotta really look for the skating photos, but for the people who like the other winter sports, here ya go!!! A day by day picture thing of almost all the sports, I think. There were some hilarious photos in there.... look hard!

    WHOA, I think this is the LONGEST thing that I have ever posted! My fingers feel funny, LOL... I've been meaning to post all these links for quite a while, I just never got around to it. I'm always up really, really late (I've had horrible insomnia every single night for more than a year now!), and I just decided to post this since I couldn't sleep, as usual!

    -JERRi 0]

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    Re: Figure Skating Photography

    Thanks CartDi. Wonderful list! :D

    I recently became familiar with Michelle Wojdyla's photographs through FSU (she's toeloopy)

    i had enjoyed her posts, and then found out she was the photographer who had taken some of the photos I had seen in FS magazines!

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    Re: Figure Skating Photography

    Wow, Jerri! Thanks for all the sites! I've only gotten to a few so far but I am definitely bookmarking each one. They're beautiful and you should be very proud of the work you contributed. Thanks again. I'm a fan!

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    Re: Figure Skating Photography

    Andrea Chempenski is another "hobby" photographer who has her photos displayed in magazines... as well as on several official websites(Steven Cousins, Jamie and David, Langlois & Archetto)

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    Thanks rgirl

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    Re: =D


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    I have a list that I keep updated <a href="" target="_new">here</a>. <img border=0 src="" />

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    great pics, I love the Bernadsky off ice photos-I hope he publishes more soon.

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    whoops, looks like Golden Skate has a more orangized site with all those links, heh... :lol:

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    oh yeah

    GSK8, I forgot to ask you something! Did you have all the sites listed on your page that I posted? If you didn't, did you add them yet???

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