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I have them on my iPod and I personally like them. That being said, as an opera lover, I can see where a lot of the criticism of them is well founded. This isn't a true opera record. It's produced by Simon Cowell and is produced to appeal to the "popera" crowd, i.e the same people who are buying Josh Groban and other classical singers who sing in a pop style. None of the songs on the CD are actual operatic arias ("Nella Fantasia" and "Senza Catene" are popular classical Italian songs and they do sing Sinatra's "My Way"---in Spanish); they're mostly soaring, tugging-at-the-heartstrings, ballads. It's nice to listen to, but I would like to hear them sing something that's actually from an opera to give them a little more clout.

If you guys like these kinds of groups, you should also check out "The Opera Band" by Amici Forever (talk about phenomenal ) or "Larger Than Life" by a very interesting group from Australia called The Ten Tenors
No one said it is a true opera record. It's just pleasant to the ears to hear some great singing for a change. Even some of the great tenors and sopranos are making their own versions of Popular music. Rene Flemming just recorded a cd called "Haunted Heart" it contains a variety of music from the Beatles to Joni Mitchell.

The reason IL Divo caught my attention in the first place was because I heard they cover the song "unbreak My Heart" which I hate. I thought maybe their rendition might be half decent and it is. The song is not so bad sung in another language and their voices make the tune not so irritating.

Thanks for the other info, I will check it out.