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Thread: Who watches House?

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    Who watches House?

    Anyone else a "House" fan? This is such a wonderful show! Great acting, wonderful writing, and very good story lines. I only started watching this show about 6 weeks ago, so when reruns start next week I can play catch-up!!

    It's on FOX Tues nights at 9pm.


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    I do! I love this show! I started watching it about the same time, so I'm really glad reruns start next week.

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    I don't, but I'll watch for a few seconds every once in a while just to gaze at Jesse Spencer, lol. I've liked the Aussie ever since I saw him in Winning London.

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    I am totally hooked on this show! Hugh Laurie

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    I love "House" and am excited with the addition of Sela Ward to the cast. "House" along with "Lost" are my current favs this season............42

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    I only started watching House like 6 or 7 weeks ago! and i love it! My current favs are House and CSI:Crime Scene Investigation... the one in LV

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    I enjoy house a lot, but i dont catch it that often. I try to limit my tv watching to a small number of series to follow at any one time... and my docket is full unfortunately. I will look forward to it being syndicated or coming out on dvd though.

    Right now I'm only following:
    Desperate Housewives
    Greys Anatomy
    Ed reruns on TBS
    The West Wing

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    I love House!

    Don't really know why I like it so much, its the same plot every week ... mystery illness, followed by three or four incorrect stabs at a diagnosis, finally followed by the correct diagnosis and treatment.

    Predictable or not, I am hooked. I was happily surprised to see last week that Sela Ward will be joining the show, if not on a regular basis at least on a reoccuring basis. Should prove to add a little extra tension to House's life on the job.

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