Hey all,
Sorry for turning this into a ad, but I'm trying to sell a pair of boots I paid nearly $800 bucks for and it hasn't been easy. I'd tucker them away in a closet in the vain hope that eventually I'd escape my current life as a college student and return to the rink, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen! So I need to sell them because I'm broke!

They are pretty much brand new; I purchased them and blew my knee out a month later and I hadn't even begun trying to break them in. They have a few minor scuffs, but otherwise they are in absolute brand new condition. They've had 4 shallow bumbs made, as they did when I purchased them initially. The bumps were done at the Toronto Cricket Club where I skated. I was junior competitive at the time. I called SPTeri and was told that the strength of the advantage boot is similar to the current KT3 model, but I've been out of the skating loop for a while and don't know what the KT3 boot is like. Perhaps other on this forum could offer more insight as to the differences. All I know is that the support is incredible!

I have a page published with a bunch of pictures of them that you can see if you go here

Please let me know if you're interested! I'd be shipping them from Toronto :-)