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Thread: skaters in Tulsa- our arena????

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    skaters in Tulsa- our arena????

    I used to skate at the Tulsa Ice Arena until school and work got in the way of my 'career' there. I'd go to the rink off and on over the last year or so, but now that I've graduated I decided I wanted to get back into skating, but when I called to find out the evening hours the machine said they were 'closed for this business at this time.' Not knowing what to think, I drove by the rink and found 'closed' signs on all the doors, the plaques and pictures taken off the walls, and the doors chained.

    I am stunned! I just took it for granted that this 'other home' of mine would always be there. I am just hoping that perhaps they're just closed for the summer, but it looked like they were moving out. Is our rink really closed for good? what will happen to all our skaters and coaches?

    It makes me so sad, I was just hoping someone might have some info. Thanks!

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    Hey there. Can you believe that the rink closed? From what I heard, they had a competition on Satuday, and told everyone right after the competition that the rink would be closing its doors on Monday. And that is exactly what happened.

    We have moved over to the Oilers arena on Mingo. They have made adjustments for our skating time, and they are hosting Skate Tulsa there.

    I am curious who you are. I drive over from Arkansas to take lessons. Email me privately if you want to. I will be in Tulsa on June 16th.


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    I hadn't been by the Tulsa Ice Arena recently, so I wasn't aware it had closed. I'm somehow not surprised. The few times I had tried to go there for public sessions, the place was like a ghost town.

    Since they built the Oilers Ice Arena on Mingo (on 61st just down from the UMAC, I believe), that's really seemed to be where most of the ice hockey and FS activity had moved to. I haven't been to that facility, so I can't comment on what it's like. I just know that all the people I know involved with ice hockey skate out of there and they've been advertising learn-to-skate classes

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    Actually, if I am not mistaken, most of the figure skating was based out of the one at 101st and Mingo...the one that just closed. Boyko has several high level skaters there, and there was a time when they were dividing the time betweent both rinks. I think that it was some time in the last 2 years that they concentrated the figure skaters at the TIC. Now it has all shifted to the Oilers rink since the TIC closed. I like the other rink better. It had the warm room for parents, there is full rink access and you can run all the way around it. It was more condusive for a figure skating environment.

    From what I understand, the Tulsa Ice Center is for sale. I am hoping that someone will buy it and we can all go home and get back to the ways things were. It is permanently closed under the current owners. I am glad that I only have to deal with this new place twice a month.

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