My local news reported today that it's been 30 years since JAWS opened in the theaters. I am not a fan of the movie as I have never sat down and watched the whole thing. "Bruce" is so fake looking I don't think I'd overly enjoy it, even though I love all things Steven Spielberg.

My local news also said that there are greenpeace/animal lover groups that are blamming Spielberg for the decrease in shark numbers off of Florida's coast due to Shark Killings. Aparently they're saying that BECAUSE of JAWS people started killing sharks.

We have sharks up here, and I have fished for them on occassion, and I can say that JAWS was not the reason. LOL. It's a thrill to "fight" a "shark". Maybe in some way our culture was changed into thinking it was a thrilling animal, but considering those suckers were biting people before Spielberg's film came out I think people always had a reverent fear/thrill when thinking of those films.

So what do you think? Is Spielberg's JAWS movie (and the production company's multiple sequels/spin offs) to blame?

I would also like to know what source my local news was using... I've gotten my interest turned on now...