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Thread: Fox launching skating reality show

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    The format

    This show has a possible cute format for a 6 week long event. Probably, the stars of the show will be the celebrities. The celebrities will have different levels of basic ability in different disciplines. For example, Buffy The Vampire Slayer may be a good, amateur ice dancer, while Neo (Reeves) may be good at amateur single skating. The stars will attract the audience, and professional skating will get exposure through the professionals, who will hopefully perform brilliantly. The celebs will skate whatever they can be good at doing.

    What will probably happen is 3 women and 3 men will be interspersed with 3 professional men and women skaters to form male-female teams. Both partners will skate, the pros longer numbers and the celebs show numbers. The judging will be lenient and based on beauty and clean programs.

    The world will see how skating is very difficult, and pro skating may get a boost in the arm. I hope it is fun and works out well. There are many beautiful venues to choose from, including a new one in So Cal. Danny Kwan interested?

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    ""If it's interesting to see celebrities master ballroom dancing, it's going to be incredibly interesting to see if they can master a double axel and a spin," Fox vice president Mike Darnell told Daily Variety. "Watching a celebrity try to master something this intricate is going to be compelling to watch. We expect a lot of falls and a lot of nerves."

    I hope they have lots of insurance.

    Spins, maybe, if the celebs were good skaters and have been on the ice in the past decade. Double axels? What, are they crazy?

    Assuming Mr. Darnell is deluded, and they'll stick to simple moves, it will be interesting to see who they can get.

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    Yeah I'm pretty sure it sounds like he hasnt had any previous figure skating experience himself which means he would have no idea the extent of the effort and training a a double axel takes to achieve. (Working on it myself ughhh) But then I think he was mostly made as a general statement ... like at that point he wasnt exactly sure what kind of moves they would be doing and stuff and that was the first skating move that came to his mind. Im thinking more along the lines of single jumps, maybe double jumps if they are all going to be people with figure skating backgrounds, simple spins, and some field moves. No matter what, I think this wacky idea has pulled in skating fans everywhere, we'll see if thats good enough for the ever-important "good ratings".

    Speaking of that, how do you think the show will do in the ratings?

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