I can make for anyone in North America,an 8 hour/4 disc DVD set of programs by Anjelika Krylova & Oleg Ovsyannikov,including 6 programs by her and former partner Vladimir Fedorov,and even two by her and earlier partner Vladimir Leliukh.With about 43 programs spread over almost 90 performances,these include:

(Krylova & Leliukh):Carmen;Samba
(Krylova & Fedorov):Life Of An Artist;Rock Around The Clock;Cha-Cha;Sparticus;Starlight Waltz;Tango Romantica
(Krylova & Ovsyannikov):Tango;Tosca;Russian Folk Music;Black Eyes;Waltz Masquerade;Malaguena;Jive;Carmen;La Traviata;Jungle Drum Music;Still Got The Blues;Ava Maria;Mohican;Caezar & Cleopatra;Sing,Sing,Sing;Yankee Polka;Golden Waltz;Carmina Burana;Dr. Zhivago;Paso Doble;
(Group number with Stars On Ice):Mulan Rouge;Argentinian Tango

The remaining programs I don't know the name for,but they are all different waltzes,tangos,rhumbas and others.There are also 3 podium scenes,one with them holding the bronze,one holding the silver,and one holding the Gold.There are also 4 interviews in English(where Anjelika makes a tradition of always referring to Oleg as "My partner" ),and one in Russian.There is the scene where they one their first World Gold title,and you see Momma Olga Krylova jumping up in the stands holding a Russian flag .

I should mention that the two Krylova-Leliukh programs are from an internet download,so the quality isn't as sharp as the others.I included them for posterity sake.

If you are at all interested,e-mail me at johnking2112@hotmail.com .