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I really like Michael's older programs. The programs I saw at 2004 and 2005 Nationals were just not as good as his previous programs. I know Brian Wright who did some of Michael's older programs passed away, but he needs to find a real choreographer. Michael has nice line and extension but at Nationals this year he was slow and tentative. I'm hoping he can come up with one last hurrah for the coming year and at least be really happy with his programs. I don't know if he can medal without a clean quad, but it would be great to see him do a good clean program with great footwork and maybe some interesting jump entrances.

I think most skating fans will agree that Michael needs better choreography that will showcase his strengths, but it's kinda difficult to fire your current choreographer and hire a new one when she also happens to be your wife, right?

Glad I'm not the only one who noticed that he lacked the usual spark and determination at this year's Nationals. As I mentioned before, Michael has good spins, decent footwork and solid jumps (excluding the triple Axel and quads), so all he needs is good choreography, more finesse in his moves and more consistency with those two jumps in order to challenge the rest of the skaters in the mens field.