Wow! So far this season's Canadian Idol is prooving to be far more entertaining than American Idol was. Thirty-two singers have been selected and so far the talent is very good. If the other half is this talented, it will be a tough competition.

Tonights line-up was:

Stéphane Aubin, 21, Edmonton, AB, Apprentice Grower

Jenn Beaupré, 22, Drumheller, AB, Singer/Songwriter

Mélody Bonicel, 20, Montréal, QC, Student

Daryl Brunt, 16, Sudbury, ON, Student

Dianelys Hernandez, 21, Saint John, NB, Customer Service Representative

Matt Humphreys, 27, Timmins, ON, Marketing Coordinator

Ashley Leitao, 18, Burnaby, ON, Sales Associate

Cher Maendel, 25, Winnipeg, MB, Night Club Host

I like Ashley, but I thought she needed a little more power. She is definitely talented though. Also liked the young 16 year old - Daryl. Really showed some amazing stage presence.

I was not crazy about Cher - can't see her lasting.

I also liked the three French Canadian singers. I thought most of the singers tonight gave strong performances and show talent.

Looking forward to hearing the rest of the talent pool.