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Thread: *Real* Working Dog

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    *Real* Working Dog

    We often talk about our pet dogs and show dogs and what not. I often don't think as much about dogs that have *real* service jobs. We manage the web site for the breeder who produced our two German Shepherds. So...this is hot off the press! Our breeder just found out that a dog she bred and sold in 2001 initially became a police K-9, and is now in service in Iraq.

    The breeders don't always find out where their dogs end up, so it was very cool that this guy sent her a letter and pictures about his dog's *career*.

    There are so many dogs who help save human lives, put criminals behind bars, and in other service careers, enhance the lives of people with eyesight limitations, etc. These dogs and their handlers & trainers are truly commendable.

    Enjoy!! It's pretty cool I think!


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    Cool! I know that a breeder can always follow the show career of their pups by the names in show results. But I never thought about the other jobs these canines can perform. That young trainer was so thoughtful to send the dog's "mommy" the info!

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