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Just out of curiosity, has any of the CoP mavens attempted to score the pairs event to see if that works out to be a tie, also?
There's no way to tell for sure. Even if you agree on which year's version of the COP rules to apply and there are no questionable areas about which level various elements would have been so that the technical base marks are clear, much of the scores would still come from judges GOEs and component scores, which would depend on each judge's opinion of each of the elements and general performance and therefore vary depending which particular CoP mavens you had scoring the event.

The chances of an absolute tie are very slim. The chances that the scores would be very close and that which team came out ahead would change depending on which rules and which judges you used would be much higher.

Would you call it a tie if the base marks for the two top teams over both programs turned out to be identical (unlikely, but theoretically possible to determine)?
Then you could guess whether the GOEs (probably higher for S/P in the LP) and component scores (probably higher for B/S) might cancel each other out.