According to Spotlight on Skating, Barbara Fusar-Poli and Maurizio Margaglio are planning to return to competion and try for the Turin Olympic games.

Here's an interesting twist. Italy has two spots in ice dancing. One will certainly go to the current Italian champions Faiella and Scali. They are coached by Roberto Pelizzola, who will also coach F-P & M.

If they are successful, F-P & M will knock out the number two Italian team, Aureli and Vaturi, who are coached by.....Barbara Fusar-Poli.

These are my favorite dancers, since Punsalen and Swallow retired. I was disappointed that their American-themed free dance ("I will survive") laid such a monstrous egg in Salt Lake City.

My dream podium:

Fusar-Poli and Margaglio
Watanabi and Kido
Silverstein and Pecarek