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Thread: Who's Got the Points for Gold?

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    Who's Got the Points for Gold?

    I'm moving this portion of my last post on the 'tight' thread because I think this is where the CoP is, and where a winner will emerge.

    Many skaters and teams are behind the gold medalists in Moscow - not necessarily in performance, but in points.

    I was thinking more about the total points needed for high scores to be competitive under the CoP. It just seems to me that the Russians have already accumulated the necessary points to be highly competitive and could look forward to winning gold - a sweep! yet things could change as the season goes on.

    Since we are not going bananas about the 6.0 system anymore, we have to look, albeit in general, about the expected total scores for each skater (team). I have not done my homework but from my poor memory, I would suggest the following minimum scores in search of gold:

    for the men I think 270 points to be competitive
    for the ladies I think 240 are required
    for pairs I think 240 also.
    (I don't think about dance)

    The men I think who could muster 270 would be Evgeni, Stephane, Brian and Ilia.

    The ladies I think Irina will definitely amass 240, with a possible Sasha on a clean skate, and Carolina as the hometown gal.

    The pairs I think T&M and S&Z are the only two teams to get the competitive highest points.

    I would appreciate your views as to the minimum amount of points a skater or team would require to be in competition for gold, and who among the competitors could reach that number. Please put your views on dance, also.

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