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Thread: Who's Got the Points for Gold?

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    Quote Originally Posted by emma
    IMO her qualifying round was a disaster because she was in 7th place...that is just not Kwan-like at all...CoP let's you still be in the game with this placement, but it isn't the best place to be if you are eyeing the top of the podium. That said...I do think it is a testament to her basic skating skills and musicality that she scored so well in the LP without all the important transitions (I agree with you Joe that she skated a good Bolero, it just was missing, for me and as we have agreed upon before, a number of important elements called MITF) tells me she is really competitive and in the running for next year...underdog sure, but totally could win with any number of combinations (2 triple triples being one of them)'s just that as numerous threads/posters have pointed out...Irina cannot be easily pushed aside, Caro, Sasha, Arawkawa, and still more could all be in the hunt...I can't quite imagine what it would be like if the top 10 or so women skated clean...I think it would be so amazingly intense!!!
    ITA Emma. Especially with your last statement!! It will be the most thrilling Oly's to date if the top 10 skate great! I better have an ambulance on call just in case.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Joesitz
    Red Dog - Where did you see the Quali Round in Moscow? or are you just picking up comments from those fans, like you, who want MK out of the picture for good? Cheer up. She was off the podium. She more than likely will not be around after Torino and you can feel great, but what will you have to talk about after she is gone?

    Whether MK and IS were held up at Worlds and Euros respectfully, it is not uncommon for nonfans of either to see it that way. Irina won despite the questionable judging. MK got 4th. If you wish to harp on this, that is ok, and there is a good chance, that MK will not medal at the Olys, and not be held up. She is the underdog for the GPs and Olys.


    yes,she is the underdog and has noone to blame but herself. not doing the gp's for the past three years and improving her technical content has really hurt michell.

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    Re Michelle's Bolero Worlds LP

    Just wanted to delurk briefly to make a comment on Michelle's Worlds LP. I enjoyed Bolero quite a bit, especially the beginning, where she seemed really in command of the ice, and the footwork at the end, which was very passionate. However, I felt the program kind of dropped off at the middle, from her sit spin after the second triple flip up until the final straightline footwork. In this part of the program, it seemed as if the placement of elements didn't go very well with the music- in particular, the spiral sequence- and her spins seemed somewhat unfinished. (btw, I felt the same way about her Marshalls performance, where she didn't fall on the triple salchow). And I wasn't too crazy about the fact that certain elements went MIA, i.e. the layback and the triple loop. I think that if the middle section of that program had been laid out properly, to work with the gradual buildup in the music, Bolero could have been a spectacular freeskate.

    As for Michelle's chances in Torino, it's anybody's guess. I tend to agree with Joesitz that the winner will be whoever is best on the night, although if they all skate clean, the Europeans could have the political edge over the North Americans. I would just like to see Michelle skate a clean, passionate, and technically complete performance. For her, I think it will be key to put all of her COP demons to rest before next season begins, to have her programs in place, and to just focus on relaxing into her skating and connecting with her audience, which is what she is best at.
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