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Thread: Suguri vs. Onda vs. Arakawa

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    Re: Japan skaters

    AY2006.... About Japan sending your female ice dancers overseas:

    A friend of mine, who now coaches at a rink in Toronto, skated for Japan in '96 with Nakako Tsuzuki. He is Russian/Latvian. Not sure, but I think they trained in Lake Placid.
    Here is a picture of them at Worlds in Edmonton

    <a href="" target="top"></a>

    I believe she is still Japan's National Dance champ with another Russian partner. Is that correct?

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    Re: Japan skaters

    Nakako Tsuzuki and Rinat Farkhoutdinov won the national title in 1999-2001. (Tsuzuki won the title with three different partners.) It looks like they haven't competed since 2001 Worlds. I don't know if Tsuzuki has quit competitive skating, or she is searching for a new partner.

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    Re: The inscrutable Orientals

    Well I am going to try to be unbiased about each and everyone of these ladies.

    *Fumie Suguri*
    I have one thing to say in regards to Fumie Suguri's consistency that everyone is commenting on. Fumie has never been a really consistent jumper, As far back as I can remember she has never landed more than 5 triples in a LP, and she typically has always landed about 3-5 triples throughout her career. The only difference is that she has had a gradual but steady improvement on the presentation side. At the beginning of the season I was not impressed with her LP to "Swan Lake" but I think my most enjoyable performance of the year out of the LP's was her 4 triple effort @ NHK Trophy. Fumie has improved so much the last 3 years, and I still don't believe that she is getting the artistic marks that she deserves. I do believe that she does need to get a little more consistent in her jumps are she will remain in the 4, 5, 6, 7 placements in the world.

    *Yoshi Onda*
    I do believe that her jumping ability in the out of the top 10 women in the world is unrivaled. She was the most consistent jumper during the course of the season last year. I think that her LP is a step in the right direction, but it still is not close to the likes of Many of the Americans, Russians or even her Japanese competitors. I am still questioning how she has managed to get 5.7's and 5.8's for presentation in any competition this season, She is not horrid in the presentation mark, but those marks are way to generous for me. She has some very nice highlights..attempting to show some emotion in her LP, and it will be only a matter of time..but despite her wonderful performance @ NHK I don't think I would have even given her the win at that competition despite superb jumping.

    *Shiziku Arakawa*
    This young lady Has really shocked me the last two seasons. She is a good jumper, however, not consistent. Her LP's are probably the most consistent out of all the women, but she seems to have major problems in her SP's. If you just look @ the last two seasons, she has posted 6 or 7 triple performances in all of her LP's internationally except one (Four continents)....She does now have the overall package. A little more expression would be nice, but choregraphy and her jumping technique is one that some of our American Ladies may want to take a lesson from. I actually thought that she would have won nationals this season, but see was 7th after the short (disasterous seems, typical) and came back to finish 2nd in the LP, and 3rd overall...if she can get a clean SP @ Worlds, it almost seems as thought she will definately cause a bit of a stir in Washington this year.

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    Re: Japan skaters

    to AY2006, this is off topic, but during that competition in China (gymnastics) the Chinese booed all the girls except the Chinese girls and when any non-chinese girl fell they cheered. I remember the American girls talking about how it was an awful experience, so it was nothing personal against only the Japanese. When the American girls were on beam the chinese audience was chanting "Fall! Fall! Fall!" which I presume they did to everyone.

    Fetal, I saw some show on CNN or BCC a few years back about Japanese life, they followed several regular working class people through daily life. The men, as you said, were expected to stay out late for business purposes (drinking with work colleagues) and they said they felt obligated to partake in this social activity and the women said they felt like if their children did not do well at school or in society in general the community would mark them as a bad mother, so the mothers in this TV special spent hours helping their children with homework and studying every single night. The children felt intense pressure to do well to get into university - its unlike here were the biggest dopes in the world seem to have college degrees, in Japan apparently you actually have to have some knowledge to get into a university.


    Shizuka Arakawa - she is my favorite of the Japanese ladies this season. She is the type of skater who could make you cry.

    Yoshi Onda - she's cute and pleasant to watch. I don't want her turned into a dying swan either but I want to see MAJOR improvement in her positions - spirals and layback spins et al are horrible and torturous for me to watch. But she's cute.

    Fumie - I like her, she needs a bit more expression and consistency, her programs are well thought out, I think it is clear she is trying to become the "full package skater"

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