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Thread: Random thoughts on judging

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    Princess Leppard 625

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    Random thoughts on judging

    <span style="colorurple;font-family:georgia;font-size:small;">Okay, because I'm slightly behind, I just today finished watching NHK, and I can't believe Shizuka wound up behind Irina. Which started me speculating on anonymous judging. While, in theory, it allows the judges to mark the performances as they see them, I think what it is really doing is allowing judges complete freedom to hold up their favorites and severely undermark their non-favorites.

    Examples: Chiangjiang Li receiving 5.8 for artistic impression at NHK His marks at NC were too high, also, but for whatever reason, I don't have them written down...every other skater, not his. I was tired, forgive me

    Michael Weiss at NC -skated a horrendous LP, and was given marks from 5.1-5.3/5.1-5.4 (I have in my notes: fall, two foot 4lutz {there's a surprise}, hand down 3Lutz...then I stopped writing...)

    Vakhtang Murvanidze at NC - skated extremely well in his SP and was given 4.3-5.0/4.8-5.4 the higher numbers are probably more correct, the 4.3 came out of the blue, not deserved at all, and his LP, I have written in my notes 4T/2T 3A/3T, fall on flip (I think), hand down on second 3A, unusual footwork (and not in the vein of Yagudin!), spiral, fabulous artisitry, great connection with the audience, and his marks were 4.6-5.3/4.8-5.3

    Petrova/Tikhonov at NC in the LP...marks from 4.5-5.4/5.0-5.7...that's a huge range...who's holding up, who's marking low? Why can't we know?

    But for a seriously huge range of marks, Elena Liashenko at NC...<strong>3.9-5.1/4.4-5.4</strong> What was going on there????

    I'm sure y'all have your own examples. You know, I really enjoyed the Crest thingy, because we could see who gave the marks. Yes, it was the Russian judge who gave Evgeni the 6.0, but you know what? It was out in the open for everyone to see.

    Thank you for allowing me to ramble.

    Laura </span>

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    Re: Random thoughts on judging

    Princess - And they are all experts!!! You figure.


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    Re: Random thoughts on judging

    Another example: Grushina & Goncharov getting a 6.0. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this team now that they've got TT's choreography, but a 6.0?! It was also funny because the Ukranian judge said afterwards that it wasn't him...

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