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Well to me it seems like everyone hates her.. and I dont really understand it. People do have their opinions.. but it seems like everyone on this site hates her. And people questioning her flexability??.. wow I am sorry but you have to be stupid to not think she is flexable. I am a sasha fan, just if u are wondering. And yes she does use alot of classical music.. but maybe that is just her thing, like to me michelle kwan always uses kinda of exotic music.. and that is kinda her thing. Well maybe not always.. but sasha doesnt always use classical either. Anyways, it seems like most people are jealous.. that is just what I am getting from some coments people make about her. Also, her I spin.. well I think you think its ugly because it is not as graceful, and sometimes doesnt go along with her classical thing.. but I think it was what the judges expect from her, and if it is what the judges want to see then I dont blame her for doing it. So why do we really hate Sasha??.. I mean it could be because she reuses music but thats kinda lame. It could be other thing, so explain it to me.
Princess, as a confirmed uber Kwan fan, I can understand your confusion on some posts ~ because sometimes its hard to seperate your "fandom" of Sasha from a general love of the sport. When I first started posting here, I would get all in a lather if Kwan wasn't acknowledged as the Greatest of All Time (which of course she is... ) and jump on the defensive... But, what I've grown to understand and respect about the posters here is that while we may not agree on who's the best ~ we tend to agree that bashing isn't the point. But rather thoughtful discussion and productive conversation. That's just the way it is... and the way it should be.

What I would suggest you do is to respond to the individual post that has sent you over the edge vs. making a general post about Sasha haters. Not that you aren't entitled to feel that way, but it increases your crediability, allows you to develop relationships with other posters and gives you the opportunty to explain why you think someone is wrong in their assessment of Sasha's technical & artistic abilities. (Rather than calling them stupid...)

Nobody likes a troll (unless its really late at night & I can't sleep & need entertainment ) and its counterproductive to begin your posting here in that vein... there are other sites for that...

We're figure skating fans... the most civilized sport on the planet!