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BTW, during holidays, there is mayhem here to get back to the parents so it's not just leaving them and never seeing them again.
True, and I really don't want to get into this issue right now, but I do believe that problems of community alienation which contribute (IMHO) to many social ills in this country, do begin with the pre-conceived notion of a forced separation from one's parents.

Skaters like dancers, imo, when they really get maturity show it in there skating. B&S and S&P are skating better than either did in SLC, and Gorsha and Sur are for me just about the most polished couple on blades.
ITA. However, I think that B&S could have never achieved that on-the-ice maturity in eligible skating. Elena does not exactly have nerves of steel. Perhaps having been in abusive relationships also didn't help her relax. Even when they were skating in eligible ranks, I felt that their best performances came in exhibitions.