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Thread: American Idol Tour

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    American Idol Tour

    I am going to see them this Sat . I was wondering who has already gone and how it was ?? I can't wait=but=I'd like to know what others thought about them too.


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    I haven't been myself but I've read some of the reviews & over all it sounds like it is one of the best AI tours. In Tampa (I believe it was) the paper said Bo, Nadia & Constantine were the stars, other reports have been excellent for Carrie & Anthony, Scott & Nikko. One person whose report I read said that they had hated Scott during the run of the show but seeing & hearing him live had made this person a fan of his. It probably depends on the part of the country as to which singers are the most popular. I do remember reading that Constantine does Bohemian Rhapsody as one of 3 ? songs he performs.

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