My husband and I are considering purchasing a townhouse in New Westminster (just outside of Vancouver). The prices range (these are about 16 years old as well) from $399,900 to $447,000!!!! We made an offer of $390,000 on the one for $399,900 - but the people so far won't budge on the price. We are going to offer $410,000 on the other home - it's a little overpriced for the area. Can you believe that's just for a townhouse?

I just saw a program on real estate in the US and could not believe people think $200,00 is a high amount for a home. There are houses going in the New Westminster area for $725,000 and up and these homes are as old as 100 years - most are considered heritage homes.

In Surrey we could buy a house for around the same price of a townhouse in New West, but we both want to cut down on our commute.

It's hard to conceive that real estate in the lower mainland has sky-rocketed so much in the last few years. I used to think $80,000 was a huge amount for a house - oh for the good old days!!!