Just got back from seeing "The Bad News Bears". This is a remake of the old Walter Mathieu/Tatum O'Neil pic about a bunch of loser kids and how they learn to win.

I have to say that, other than the rough language, this is a really good and funny film. From what could have been just a rote walk in the park for Billy Bob Thorton, instead you get a nuanced performance. Hardly as mean or trashy as "Bad Santa" and not quite so predictable (though, let's face it...you know the story) as Friday Night lights, this movie has a lovable loser as its central character and kids being themselves to the extreme.

It's definitely an adult movie about kids. The only thing I was really horrified to see were kids being allowed to see the movie. I will have to say that they only elude to sexual situations and it is very tastefully done...for a raunch fest potty mouth humor.

Looking for Politically Correct Humor? You won't find it here.
However, what you will find is a funny movie that doesn't overmilk the situations, kids acting and playing like kids do, and only semi-sweet sentimentalism. Greg Kinnear (sp?) gives a great performance as the self-important *** found on most Little League fields today.

Absolutely worth the price of admission.