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I am just stating an observation. Kimmie landed a clean triple axel during the warm up but during the performance her triple axel was very underrotated. She will land one (and more) in the future, but this one was not a completed triple axel (during the competition).
OK OK OK. To me it was not underrotated having seen it right in front of me. But more important. Is this the beginning of saying every 3A she does is underrotated based on one jump? because the accusation that she needs to work on her 3A to fully rotate it is implying that she doesn't complete the rotation every time. :sheesh:

Fans do worry about a new guy on the block who may be in contention to beat their favorite, and they are not permitted to improve.

Kimmie will be in a few competitions this coming season. Let's check her out before this branding becomes rampant.