Unfortunately, I've had 2 buyers back out of purchases they agreed to, so I still have a few issues of my magazine collection that I'm putting back up for sale. Issues are $5 each. Postage is $5 in the US, $7 to Canada.

Here's what's left for sale:

Blades on Ice:
Feb. 1998 Todd Eldredge Cover
Aug. 1998 Tara Lipinski Cover
Dec. 1998 Scott Hamilton Cover
Dec. 2000 Kristi, Scott & Roz cover
Feb. 2001 Todd Eldredge Cover
June 2001 Elena & Anton Cover

International Figure Skating:
Dec. 1998 Lu Chen Cover
Dec. 1999 Tonia Kwiatkowski wedding Cover

If anyone is interested in any of these, email me privately at jennifer_riskind@yahoo.com