1980 Olympic Games Pairs Event


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Jan 3, 2007
At last! TSL just posted 1980 Olympic Games Pairs Event.

This is the event where the Ultimate showdown in pairs between Tai & Randy and Rodnina & Zaitsev was to happen. It is the event that broke my heart. I first fell in love with Tai & Randy in 1976 Olympics as 15 & 17 year olds skating to West Side Story.

They won the Worlds the year before in 1979 with one of the most stirring skates ever. Rodnina had been out on maternity leave that year. Watch the other American teams rally to have the skates of their lives. Also look for young future world champions Baess & Thierbach, Cherkasova & Shakrai and Underhill & Martini and coaches Elizabeth & Peter Cain.

Also, I believe the pairs skated 5 minutes.