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1984 Olympics


Aug 20, 2003
So I was watching the 1984 ladies Olympics while I’m patiently waiting for Nationals. I found a YouTube video that had everything including interviews. It was really interesting how compulsory figures made such a difference. One wonders what skating would be if they still had them. One of the most interesting thing was that Dick Button actually interviewed the USA judge of the short program and asked him why he scored Tiffany Chin ahead of of Katarina Witt. Can you imagine interviewing judges these days? There was also an interview with Carol Heiss Jenkins and the question was asked if she thinks that there is too much emphasis on jumping! She said felt that the girls should concentrate more on choreography rather than do so many triple jumps! It also had clips of Peggy and Carol’s Olympic programs. They talked about how Peggy was really unhappy because she didn’t skate her best in the Olympics.