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2015 NHK Short Dance


Tous les whiskys
Jan 9, 2014
I have beer and I'm ready to go :biggrin: Tea will probably come for the men.

Interested to see how the Japanese teams look, especially Chris Reed and his new partner.


Record Breaker
Feb 20, 2013
This one is working for me:

This one wants me to disable adblocker, and I really don't want the site to start spitting out porn ads or something like that... thanks for the link, though.


Final Flight
Sep 6, 2006
so surreal seeing olivier schoenfelder as a coach .... i miss delobel/schoenfelder so much - they're the team that got me into ice dancing!


Hot Tonto
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Jan 28, 2013
:disagree: A big thumbs down indeed. It doesn't even matter that I don't agree about their exhibition which I thought was really different and fun to watch among most other exhibition programs at the Skate Canada gala (I definitely am not one of those who think that a fun and colorful program or a clown program is something ridiculous and tasteless by definition). It is what you said about it having thrown you off for life as a fan and about Stepanova/Bukin "destroying" them that is quite horrible (or horrific, indeed). I think you have never been a real fan of theirs if just one program could make you think that. I can't imagine myself thinking something like that about skaters whose fan I am. If, say, Stephane Lambiel or Virtue/Moir did a program that I really disliked, I would be really disappointed for sure, but I would not stop being a fan. I would just try to forget about it and wait for the next program in belief that I will like it just as I have liked so many of their previous programs. But I also never decide after just one or two programs which I have liked; "okay, now I am a fan of this skater". I look/wait for more programs first. Because, if I don't like the next two programs (which is very possible) or don't like anything at all from that skater during the next few years, what then? Do I stop being a "fan"? Or probably that skater was never "my" skater in the first place - perhaps I just liked the choreographer's work in that particular program and/or the music that the skater(s) used? Perhaps it was the case with you and Bobrova/Soloviev? Okay, sorry for the long rant.

To each his/her own. Enjoy their program. I appreciate your spirited defense.

I never said I was a fan. I said I had enjoyed some of their earlier programs.

I still hope Stepanova and Bukin beat them badly. I concede that "destroy" has an idiomatic meaning that may not translate well.


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Mar 20, 2014
That was pretty good for a first year partnership. :clapper: How did Chris and Kana find each other?


On the Ice
Jun 1, 2014
I'm on mobile so can't watch but glad to be here with you all! And at sane hour here in the US :)


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Nov 18, 2014
Also, I am probably the only person here who is making greeting cards while watching this...LOL.
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