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2016-17 GPF Ladies SP


Jan 4, 2007
With the odds stacked against Osmond and everyone thinking that she won't be on the podium. She has nothing to lose and will go out there and skate her best program ever.....no expectations and no pressure.
Oh but I think she will have extra pressure as it has already been mentioned several times that she is the 1st CAN lady to make it to the GPF since Joannie. And knowing that if you skate your best you can medal here does add pressure especially when she has never been in this situation before and is the only one without a world medal in this group. So the others have all had this type of pressure before.


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Nov 14, 2007
Good luck to all girls! :clapper: esp to Anna! :hap85: & my DekaRadio! :hap85:
and from Mr deedee: "Goooo Kaetlyn!!!! :hap10::hap10:"


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Sep 14, 2014
It's so weird I don't have a clear favourite in this field. But I want Anna to win since she's better than Evgenia and I hope we'll finally see it.


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Feb 24, 2013
Hyped for this event! Rooting for Pogorilaya, Miyahara and Medvedeva... oh, and Sotskova and Radionova, and yeah, sure, Osmond, too.
Bring it on, Ladies!!!! :yahoo:

edit: okay, maybe a teensy-weensy biased towards Miyahara this year. But only because she skates to Star Wars in the FS. That is, like, the single most awesome thing, ever.
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