2018 U.S. Nationals - ticket for sale

UMBS Go Blue

Dec 20, 2009
2018 US Nationals: various tickets for sale

Hi everyone,

One of my friends can't make it to U.S. Nationals and has been trying to sell the ticket for her seat in:

Section 127
Row 21
Seat 6

This seat is to the right of the judges, above the NBC booth, and to the left of the kiss-and-cry areas. It's near one of the corners but is more towards the longer, flat side of the rink so as to give a great perspective of speed, ice-coverage, and, of course, all the posing directed at the judges.

Here is the schedule. I am managing the ticket on her behalf and can split up the ticket on a per-event basis. Below are the individual tickets still available (status current as of Jan 2, 11.30am PT):

Jan 2 and 3 only - day passes to Solar4America Ice - $10 per day
Jan 2 and 7 only - practice passes for SAP Center - $10 per day
Jan 4 - junior free dance at SAP Center - $10
Jan 6 - senior pairs' free at SAP Center - $25

PM me if interested in any single ticket (or more). I use PayPal and can transfer the tickets to you via the SAP Center/Ticketmaster website (no extra fees involved).