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2018 Worlds Mens Short Program


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Nov 12, 2012
Some impressions...
Burak really put everything he had, solid and with purpose, he sure engages into what he skates to, really like unusual music choice, but that blip of curse was so random:)

Slavik tried, but Sinatra for me, especially in sole track chosen, needs to be skated in specifically manner that won't get an impression of trying too hard or skating through the motion, just to a charming song. I mean, a choice of music is only a start and this kind of one requires for me just more presence and character to stay afloat of the music.

Brendan really stood out for me this group, even with glitches in jumps - his skating was more spacious, controlled, evenly distributed and places to the music, not on the sides of it. Great step sequence with highlighting musical accents, great spins for my potato eye, solid lines, speed and extension. And made me believe he meant that performance by not only his movement - he may not be the most expressive skater, but I appreciate his focus and purpose. And hair ofc +3 GOE:) :)

Really unfortunate skate from Javier:(, Chin's program was good aside of that axel, also good spins.


Feb 13, 2018

First group finished and I couldn`t seen it. I want to wish good luck to all the boys (who still have to perform). Good skating without injuries.
In spite af all my best wishes of luck to Brezina, Matteo, Maurice, Daniel, Deniss, Dima .... but a special Go on boy!!! to Mikhail Kolyada. :yahoo:


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Feb 13, 2014
Coming in to watch Julian. Hope he makes it to Free Skate. That tiger striped jacket needs to be seen TWICE!