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2018 Worlds Mens Short Program


Record Breaker
Sep 25, 2013
Are they playing big bang? The stadium music choices have been interesting, considering we're in italy.


On the Ice
Mar 8, 2018
A strange layout in Shoma's program. A strong 4T to open, but only a 3S+3T with a three-turn between and weirdly landed. Was it going for a 4S? A solid 3A but then a strange hiccup on a step afterward. Spins were well-centered in general, but only a step sequence Level 3 it seems. The changes in the last half sort of broke the spell.

Ankle injury and boot problems, so easier layout. Planned 3S+3T


Feb 10, 2014
Please, people, LOOK at more than the jumps :) First off, all Jin's were a bit scratchy anyway - lutz landing tad off, toe clearly under.

Then, look at POSTURE. From the waste up he's very loose, poor posture, etc. Stroking is more like scraping. Particularly when compared to Uno right now, and I don't even really like Uno, but the different is striking.

How on earth can a single jump like (eg) the 2a make up the points difference between skater when it comes to skating skill/pcs?! Why on earth should skaters even LEARN to skate well, when a 2 axel is worth more than the PCS gap between (eg) a Patrick and a Jin?

It's absolutely ridiculous. I guarantee the time spent on learning actually SKATE like the masters far outdoes the time spent learning (eg) a 2 axel.

Anyhoo, just rolling my eyes re: the 'I can't believe he only got 95' comments. I think it was bang on. Ability to rotate, yes, ability to skate... not so much.


Record Breaker
Aug 1, 2011
Yeah, thats true, he has lovely qualities. But you have Alina and Zhenia who at the same age think while skating about their own skating. Just that.

Women peak much earlier these days. Caro is the exception, not the rule. And the women are also burning out and/or being injured out at a much earlier age. And no, I don't think that's a coincidence.


Record Breaker
Feb 16, 2014
Yeah, thats true, he has lovely qualities. But you have Alina and Zhenia who at the same age think while skating about their own skating. Just that.

What are you talking about? Dima is very self critical, he lies in bed analyzing his performances and what to do better. Come on, Alina and Zhenia cannot be compared to a male figure skater in this field. Dima has accomplished far more at 18 than any other Russian man in the last decade had accomplished at his age.


Ina Bauer
Record Breaker
Jan 29, 2015
Even in my wildest dreams I did not see that top 3 after the SP happening


The Notorious SEW
Jan 11, 2014
Boyang's skating skills are actually really good. It's just that his PCS scores put him as "inferior." This is one aspect where reality is way different than his scores.

After seeing him in person, I don't get why the same judges who also see him live think his SS are so bad. I'd say he isn't as smooth as butter as Shoma or Yan Han, but it's not the gap the score gives him.

Have you read the Second Mark? It really made me feel for the Chinese skaters and how hard they have to work to get those PCS marks.


Record Breaker
Nov 4, 2010
I have no clue what is going to happen in the LP. It's obvious how tired these skaters are.