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2018 Worlds Mens Short Program


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Aug 24, 2010
Ugh to the judging and PCS this final group got. I always find it hard to stomach post Olympics worlds and the judging. Shoma got the highest PE mark of the whole competition, chew on that for a while.


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Mar 29, 2017
Well, if Chen gets his Olympic 127 TES then nobody will touch him. Just hoping it doesn't go the other way around compared to the Olympics (great SP, poor FS)...


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Dec 13, 2016
Please, people, LOOK at more than the jumps :) First off, all Jin's were a bit scratchy anyway - lutz landing tad off, toe clearly under.

Then, look at POSTURE. From the waste up he's very loose, poor posture, etc. Stroking is more like scraping. Particularly when compared to Uno right now, and I don't even really like Uno, but the different is striking.

How on earth can a single jump like (eg) the 2a make up the points difference between skater when it comes to skating skill/pcs?! Why on earth should skaters even LEARN to skate well, when a 2 axel is worth more than the PCS gap between (eg) a Patrick and a Jin?

It's absolutely ridiculous. I guarantee the time spent on learning actually SKATE like the masters far outdoes the time spent learning (eg) a 2 axel.

Anyhoo, just rolling my eyes re: the 'I can't believe he only got 95' comments. I think it was bang on. Ability to rotate, yes, ability to skate... not so much.
SS is only one of the five categories of PCS, but how about this dancing lion mascot?


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Jan 25, 2013
First time posting, but Boyand was robbed!

USFA I see you ...

Welcome to the forum! Jin was 7 points less TES than usual due to his 4T. And the US guys had higher/highest difficulty and were relatively clean in comparison.

Zhou's PCS was also kept below 40 in spite of the 2 hardest quads, too, so I don't think he was overscored. And Chen's PCS was below his personal best and his score was a couple points less than his PB, reflecting that the jumps weren't the usual cleanliness from him.


Jan 12, 2014
Wow! Pretty surprising to see Chen-Kolyada-Zhou in the top 3. I'm pretty impressed that , for the most part, the judges seemed pretty discerning and were not awarding marks purely on past performances. I think the top 6 men put forth the best they had for the day. I, for one, am glad there is the Worlds competition in an Olympic year. It gives some a chance to redeem themselves and others a chance to build on their talents.


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Feb 4, 2012
Good fight Shoma!!! No matter where you end up, your fans are proud of you. Not withdrawing and fighting for Japan is amazing! NUMERO UNO!


Dec 23, 2016
I hope the pressure doesn’t get to Keegan. He and MT/M need to keep their top 10 placements after their teammates the bed and didn’t make the free skate.
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Mar 24, 2004
Why? I don't like Nathan that much, but Kolyada actually has excellent skating skills. Great blades, strong posture, great stroking, etc. If he could actually get some EXPRESSION in his programs, have some 'real' choreography (ie, not Russian-style 'choreography') and nail his jumps, I'd put him way above Jin.

After further reflection and viewing again, I concur.


Final Flight
Sep 25, 2016
Mikhail... I think he did well overall. Just not feelin' this program. Erm, personally, I would've given him a 97- 98.

Dmitri... I think he did well really. I'm a little surprised with the score.

Misha...Nice passion put into the program. But I'm still not a fan of that costume.

Alexei...Good job overall I'd say. He's got nice energy throughout the program.

Nathan... wobbly landings on the jumps. Good effort and I can see his passion on that stsq but this program fell flat to me overall.

Boyang... he jumps really close to the boards. I enjoy his growth and this SP is really wonderful. But boooo... his score is kinda low imo.

Shoma...great effort as well. But not the performance he had probably hoped.

Deniss... my favorite of the night. Well done overall. I think he deserved a little more higher PCS.


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Final Flight
Jun 10, 2016
I'm not even mad at shoma's score. I can appreciate him so much better when yuzuru isn't here and I thought "he really owns the ice" before his mistake


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Jan 11, 2014
It took years for Japanese skaters to finally be recognized as PCS-worthy, :unsure: how long till Boyang finally gets the nod?

It's actually an interesting part of the book where they talk about how the Asian esthetic can be very different from the western esthetic (for example in pairs Chinese audiences did not respond to the lovely dovey stuff that is so popular with the judges who are mostly from the west) and how Shen and Zhao basically had to learn to skate like Russians which made people in china come up to them and say they were being too suggestive and too much PDA. Hard road for them to hoe I think. I believe it's a little different now.
I do admire Jin for really working hard on his performance skills. I really didn't enjoy his skating much until this year (his jumps were beautiful but I was not engaged).


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Jan 10, 2017
I don't trust any of these men :laugh: I think Boyang is going to fight his way up, though. I have to believe that he will.

I mean, don't get me wrong, Nathan will deserve the win if he's the cleanest of all of them and he has huge BV to back him up, but I didn't really think we'd be going into the FS in quite this set of circumstances.


Oct 26, 2016
I thought everyone here aside from Keegan, Ponsart, and Fenz were rather weak here (measuring relative to what they are capable of). Here's hoping for a stronger FS.


Dec 29, 2014
Good fight from Shoma despite the injury. I love his intensity and the way he feels the music w his whole body.