2019-20 U.S. Ladies Figure Skating


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Oct 21, 2017
I just listened to the whole interview, and what I love the most is how Gracie has this stream-of-consciousness thing going, which I love. Like talking in circles, and each time you revisit an arc, the meaning or comprehension grows. It's very cool ... and she's not overwhelmingly going "deep" with her thoughts, she keeps it light and about the subject. It's about her, but also not, if you know what I mean. Very refreshing.

My favorite parts were when she talked about (1) why Alex (Chicago) was such a good coach for her, and (2) about her and twin sister Carly.

At the end, she says thank you for letting her talk like she talks. Her friends know that whatever tangent she's on, there's four more tangents going off each one, and it's okay to jump in.

Altogether, I'm writing a five-star review here. :points:

was a great interview! she looks very fit to me, quadgracie is comming for 2022 olymics


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Jul 9, 2014
Have any of the US Ladies given any training updates? Other than Gracie's recent interview, I feel like I haven't heard a peep out of last years medalists.


Nov 12, 2017
Skating your best is a noble goal, but perhaps it's a luxury for people who are both skating their best *and* winning medals. It reminds me of Meagan Duhamel, who in 2016 proclaimed that this season, her goal was to "have fun." I suspect she and Eric Radford were feeling triumphant, unstoppable, a bit arrogant (?), as they had just won a second gold medal for pairs at the world championships. But at the 2017 Worlds, they placed 7th, with a fall, shaky landings on a few jumps, and out-of-sync spins. You could see the disappointment on their faces. But why should they be disappointed? After all, didn't they achieve their goal of having fun?

A few months later, Meagan and Eric fired their coach. She talked about their poor results and needing a change. She also talked about the concrete results that she wanted, and made it clear that 7th place was definitely not good enough.

"If we didn’t make these changes we’ll probably find ourselves in seventh place at the Olympics. By going ahead and making these changes, we’re giving ourselves a chance to improve and reach the podium," said Duhamel. "We might also end up seventh at the Olympics even though we’re making these changes, but it’s the risk we needed to take."

At the 2018 Olympics, they got a gold team medal for Canada and a bronze individual medal

Eric was very injured at 2017 worlds, they probably shouldn't have even skated. The only reason they did was to get 3 Olympic spots, and that was completely reliant on Lubov and Dylan skating their best (which they did).


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Oct 20, 2017
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