2020-21 Grand Prix Assignments | Golden Skate

2020-21 Grand Prix Assignments


Record Breaker
Jun 21, 2003
  • Ladies
  • Men
  • Pairs
  • Ice Dance

    Note: In light of the pandemic, the usual selection criteria do not apply for the 2020-21 Grand Prix season. The competitors will be invited according to the following principles:
    • The top 6 Skaters/Teams from the ISU Grand Prix List are given priority to be selected for a Grand Prix event provided they reside/train in one of the Grand Prix Member countries, or have no travel restrictions to travel to a Grand Prix Member country in the nearby area.
    • The top 7-12 Skaters (for Ladies and Men), Top 7-10 Couples (for Pair Skating and Ice Dance) from the Grand Prix List are given second priority to be selected for a Grand Prix.
    • The top 24 Season's best and World Standings Skaters/Couples for season 2019/20 (not included in the above) will have third priority for selection.
    • The remaining entries will be from Skaters/Teams in the top 75 season's best list from 2019/20 and up to two Skaters/Teams from the Organizing Grand Prix Member (off list).
    • If there are no available Skaters/Teams left in the top 75, the Organizing Grand Prix Member may invite any other Skater training in the Organizing Grand Prix Member's country.